Philosophy of homeopathy. It’s mechanisms and implementation.

“The organs are not the man. The man is prior to the organs”James Tyler Kent


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Why does Homeopathy (sometimes) fail?

Why does Homeopathy (sometimes) fail? Homeopathy cannot fail! This is contrary to the universal principle/law of Similars (likes cures likes, where “likes” means “similars”). The “simillimum” will always generate a response from the organism; whether this response leads to a...
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Quis? Quid? Ubi? Quibus? Cur? Quomodo? Quando? – Boenninghausen

A Contribution to the Judgement Concerning the Characteristic Value of Symptoms By Clemens Franz Maria von Boenninghausen It is now over three years since the great Homoeopathic Congress was held in Brussels, Germany being, I am sorry to say, but little represented. In the last...
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Obstacles To Cure

Obstacles to Cure:                  “..there is no cure for the common birthday..” – John Glenn   Organon – Aphorism § 261 While patients with chronic diseases are using medication, the most expedient regimen is based upon the removal of any of these obstacles to...
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Susceptibility:                    “ man’s meat is another man’s poison..” –  Are we all really pre-destined to live out a life as programmed by our genetics (DNA code)? Do we just accept things (our fate) and make do with the best we have? This seems way...
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