Sea Remedies – Evolution of the Senses – Jo Evans

sea remedies jo evans

This is a beautiful book! Of my +500 book collection, this is the most visually stunning and is a professionally bound work of art. The photographs are high definition top class and the pages are glossy and appealing. Overall the book feels wonderful in your hands, and makes you want to absorb all its information.


What can I say about its information/contents? I will not do the book and the author justice if I tried to summarize it. This is not just a book about homeopathy. Sure it is a book about homeopathy (and more precisely about remedies derived from the sea), but it is also a book about Science, Literature, Mythology, Philosophy, Biology, Symbology, and any other “-ology” you can think of… The author discusses the evolution of the senses by these animals and how they relate to our own human senses. This evolution help us understand the remedies better. Needless to say, it all ties in very nicely with the Sensations method and links the schools of thought together.


Little-known remedies come to life in this collection. Even the more well-known remedies are discovered in a new light with better understanding of families and species. There are main chapters on 24 remedies, including the remedies Acanthaster planci, Chironex fleckeri, Cypraea eglantina, Nautilus, Physalia pelagica and Toxopneustes pileolus. Remedies come to life.

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The closing chapters on the Spiral Journey, the homeopathic process and spiral symbolism is just mind-blowingly fascinating. No wonder the universe is one big spiral…


Buy and read this book, folks! You will not be disappointed.

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