In order to prescribe on a deep constitutional level, the homeopath needs to find out WHO the person manifesting the symptoms is. The totality of symptoms/manifestations (on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, etc.) acts as a guide to the root causes of disease (‘dis-ease’). The homeopath does not ‘diagnose’ disease or prescribe medications, but simply identifies and suggests the most suited remedy (simillimum) to relieve the patient from manifested symptoms.

A detailed constitutional consultation usually takes about two (2) hours to record. If the case is clear (not that there is any “definition” per se of “clear”) the remedy can be identified during the same consultation session, otherwise the correct remedy will be determined taking some time to analyze the notes. We expect to analyze challenging cases within 24 hours. Consultations are gentle, patient-focused, non-invasive (no medical tests) and non-biased.

The remedy will be provided during the consultation if it is in stock, otherwise it will have to be ordered and shipped in from preferred pharmacies, either locally or overseas. We use only high quality single remedies from reputable homeopathic pharmacies. The price of the remedy is included in the price of the consultation for the two-hour session. Discounted fees are applicable to family members and referrals.

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