Homeopathy intends to treat the whole organism (person, animal or plant); it does not ‘diagnose’ or theorize diseases. Symptoms are not suppressed with medications but rather the totality of the organism’s symptoms are used as a guide towards the identification of the most suitable remedy (simillimum). Symptoms are analyzed in their totality, not individually intellectualized and compartmentalized. gbHOMEOPATHY does not ‘diagnose’ diseases, interpret diagnoses or prescribe medications, but rather identifies and suggests homeopathic remedies which we believe are a match to the organism’s case. The remedy acts as a simple message delivery vehicle for the organism.

All information presented here are for information purposes only, without warranty of any kind, and gbHOMEOPATHY and its practitioner assume no risks from the use or misuse of this information. If you are in any doubt about your condition you are free to choose the appropriate health practitioner or medical system of your choice. Nothing contained in this website is intended to be taken for medical diagnosis or treatment.

George Vithoulkas summarizes the definition of health of the whole organism really well. In his great book “The Science of Homeopathy” he states that: “health is freedom from pain in the physical body, having attained a state of well-being; freedom from passion on the emotional level, having as a result a dynamic state of serenity and calm; and freedom from selfishness in the mental sphere, having as a result total unification with Truth“. There is no doubt that homeopathy works. Millions of people around the world for over 220 years can attest to it. Many have tried to scientifically explain it in terms of the memory of water or something similar. Maybe it is not in the water; maybe it is in the Light. Maybe the Truth is in the Light.

This Disclaimer covers all material information of all types in any and every part of this website and its links and attachments. Photographs and art are acknowledged and credited to its originators.

This document was last updated on 22 January 2017.